The Search for MH370

Serving the MH370 Global Community

In this case study we analyse the tragic flight of an Alouette II SE313B medical evacuation helicopter registration N45VX, which crashed off the coast of Palawan Island in the Philippines on Wednesday 1st March 2023. The helicopter was known locally as the ‘Yellow Bee’.

The helicopter departed from the North Mangsee Island at 08:56 local time, en route to the old Provincial Hospital at Brooke’s Point on Palawan Island. The helicopter was operated by PAMAS, a medical missionary society. On board was Daniel Liu the pilot, Janelle Alder a nurse, a patient and two family members accompanying the patient. The helicopter disappeared at 09:28 local time, whilst over the sea between the islands.

After several days of searching neither the wreck nor any of the five people on that aircraft have been located. On Monday 13th March 2023 we were asked to use our WSPR based technology to help locate the wreckage. We have been in regular contact since then with the search and rescue operation and more recently the underwater sonar search effort.

The calculated crash location is 7.8943°N 117.5165°E, which is 6.26 km south east of the last known point from the pilot’s GPS locator at 7.945990°N 117.493328°E on a bearing of 155.9°T.

This is a tragic accident and our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those who have been lost.

The case study can be downloaded here