The Search for MH370

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Flight Path Analysis

17th February 2021 – Guest Paper from Niels Tas – Python based implementation of MH370 explicit path generation employing polynomial fits to BTO and BFO derived input data Download

12th April 2020 – Performance Degradation Allowance and the Fuel Performance Factor Download

28th March 2020 – Guest Paper from Sid Bennett – The Whereabouts of MH370 (Updated 12th May 2020) Download

29th December 2019 – Guest Paper from Niels Tas – Summary of MH370 Path Estimates obtained through Interpolation of the BFO and BTO data after 19:41 UTC Download

10th August 2019 – MH16 Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam 7th March 2014 BFO Analysis Download

24th June 2019 – Blowing in the Wind – Scanning the Southern Indian Ocean for MH370 Download

31st May 2019 – Summary Results Data for 126 MH370 Flight Path Analyses Download

17th February 2019 – How to play Russian Roulette and Win Download

30th January 2018 – Reconstructed Flight Paths Download

1st January 2018 – Guest Paper from Steve Kent – M371 Flight Path Calculation Download

7th December 2017 – Guest Paper from Mike Exner – Complete Set of Arc Definitions including 7th Arc as used by Ocean Infinity Download

25th August 2016 – Possible Flight Path of MH370 towards McMurdo Station, Antarctica (with Victor Iannello) Download

12th March 2016 – An Investigation of a MH370 Hybrid Flight Path (with Don Thompson) – Duncan Steel’s Blog View

1st February 2016 – Comparison of MH370 Flight Paths Based on Waypoints – Duncan Steel’s Blog View

9th December 2015 – MH370 Flight Path Model Version 16 Download – Duncan Steel’s Blog View

24th November 2015 – MH370 Data Alignment Model Download – Duncan Steel’s Blog View

26th December 2014 – Guest Paper from Brian Anderson – Deducing the Speed of Malaysia Airlines MH370, Mid-Flight Download – Duncan Steel’s Blog View

Drift Analysis

17th March 2021 – Guest Paper by Mike Eichhorn – Analysis of Debris Found to Detect Possible Crash Sites of MH370 Download

5th March 2021 – Guest Paper by Mike Exner and Don Thompson – Debris Analysis – Article recovered at Jeffreys Bay South Africa Download

12th January 2021 – MH370 Floating Debris Drift Analysis Download

13th March 2020 – Guest Paper by Argiris Kamoulakos – The end of flight MH370: a ditching study of the flaperon hitting the surface of the sea Download

25th November 2020 – Guest Paper by Tom Kenyon – MH370 Flaperon Inboard Hinge – Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Download

16th July 2018 – Drift Analysis of MH370 Floating Debris Download – Victor Iannello’s Blog View

12th February 2018 – The Probable End Point of MH370 Download – Victor Iannello’s Blog View

1st August 2017 – Putting the Pieces of the MH370 Puzzle Together Download

12th March 2017 – The End Point of MH370 Download

1st January 2017 – Optimum Sea Temperatures for Barnacle Growth and the MH370 Floating Debris routes across the Indian Ocean Download

31st December 2016 – What the Barnacles on the MH370 Floating Debris tell us about the Route taken across the Indian Ocean Download

10th April 2016 – Guest Paper from Mike Eichhorn – A Debris Backwards Flow Simulation System for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Download

3rd June 2016 – What the Nine Debris Finds May Tell Us About the MH370 End Point – Duncan Steel’s Blog View

11th May 2016 – Implications of the Absence of MH370 Debris on the Coast of Western Australia (with Duncan Steel) – Duncan Steel’s Blog View

2nd April 2016 – The Routes Taken by Floating Debris from MH370 – Duncan Steel’s Blog View

30th March 2016 – Destinations of Floating Debris from MH370 Starting on the 7th Arc between 30S and 38S – Duncan Steel’s Blog View

24th March 2016 – Drift of Floating Debris from Close to the 7th Arc in the Weeks Following the Crash of MH370 – Duncan Steel’s Blog View

10th March 2016 – An Investigation into Indian Ocean Drift Patterns from 37S on the 7th Arc – Duncan Steel’s Blog View


4th April 2021 – Using WSPRnet and Inmarsat Satellite Data in the Search for MH370 Download

20th March 2021 – Guest Paper from Dr. Robert Westphal – Geocaching in the Ionosphere Download

28th August 2021 – GDTAAA Test Flight Download

9th September 2021 – WSPRnet Propagation Technical Analysis Download

Hydroacoustic Analysis

24th October 2017 – Guest Paper from Ed Fenimore, Tom Kunkle and Richard Stead – How Common are Noise Sources on the Crash Arc of Malaysian Flight 370? Download

7th August 2016 . Hydrophone Data and MH370 Download – Duncan Steel’s Blog View

28th December 2014 – Guest Paper from Tim Kunkle, Ed Fenimore and Richard Stead – The Mathematical Search for MH370 Download

3rd July 2014 – Guest Paper from Richard Stead – Seismic and hydroacoustic analysis relevant to MH370 Download


18th October 2016 – The Long Hunt for a Diversion Airport – Duncan Steel’s Blog View

10th July 2016 – Where is MH370 and How Will it be Found? – Duncan Steel’s Blog View

14th February 2016 – Where is MH370? – Duncan Steel’s Blog View

21st February 2015 – MH370 Story Download