The Search for MH370

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Petter Hörnfeldt has published a MH370 documentary titled “MH370 – A New Hope” on his YouTube Channel called Mentour Pilot. Petter describes his documentary as a “A NEW Trace! Explaining the MH370 Enigma”.

The documentary can be viewed here 

The documentary is a well researched forensic analysis of the evidence for what happened to flight MH370. The report is well balanced, any speculation is avoided, but every technical and scientific detail is examined and discussed.

The need to find the wreckage of MH370 is underlined in order to solve the mystery of the disappearance of MH370.

Many people ask: “How can a Boeing 777, one of the biggest and most modern aircraft in the world, just vanish without trace.” Petter’s straightforward answer: “It can’t.”

The conclusion of his analysis is a recommendation to search again in two areas:

1. An area of 1,200 km² (marked in green on the above graphic) between 35.518°S 93.025°E and 35.875°S 93.039° E as defined by Capt. Patrick Blelly and Jean-Luc Marchand in their paper titled “Analysis of the trajectory of Flight MH370” and dated 16th February 2023 and updated 22nd March 2023, which can be downloaded here

2. An area of 2,800 km² (marked in red on the above graphic) within a circle with a radius 30 km centred on 29.128°S 99.934°E as defined by Richard Godfrey, Dr. Hannes Coetzee and Prof. Simon Maskell in their paper titled “MH370 Flight Path Analysis – Case Study” dated 31st August 2023, which can be downloaded here

A short update on the crash location probability map confirming 29.128°S 99.934°E with even greater likelihood was given in section 9 of their paper titled “How does WSPR detect Aircraft over long Distances? – Technical Paper” dated 15th February 2024, which can be downloaded here

We support Petter’s findings and his search recommendation.