The Search for MH370

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The GDTAAA WSPRnet MH370 Analysis Preliminary Findings place the crash location at 33.177°S 95.300°E just 6 nm East of the 7th Arc. In the original report I incorrectly stated that the crash location was not included in the ATSB 2015 search area and only in the ATSB 2016 extended search area. In fact the crash location was included by Go Phoenix deep tow operations in February 2015. My apologies for this error. The updated report can be downloaded here

This preliminary report provides a summary of the key findings from the MH370 flight path analysis using the Global Detection and Tracking of Any Aircraft Anywhere (GDTAAA) software based on the Weak Signal Propagation Reporter (WSPR) data publicly available on the WSPRnet.

This report will be followed up by two papers. The first paper will give all the findings every two minutes during the entire flight of MH370 from 7th March 2014 16:42 UTC to 8th March 2014 00:20 UTC. The second paper will give the technical details of each detection of MH370 using the WSPRnet data and the technical details of the tracking of the MH370 flight path.