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A former Qantas pilot, has set a new blind test for GDTAAA and the WSPRnet data. The departure was on 3rd June 2021 at 03:28 UTC (actually leaving the runway) at an approximate position of 13.830 °S 172.000 °W as this is not shown on ADS-B. The aircraft was an Airbus A330-200.

This report covers the first two hours of the flight from Samoa in detail and is available for download here. The flight was further tracked to Sydney where it overflew the airport and carried on towards Adelaide. 

For the purpose of the blind test the important part of the flight has been covered, where there is no ADS-B data available. The reason that this flight was used is that there are no ADS-B stations on Samoa or in the surrounding region. The further flight tracking to Sydney and Adelaide was conducted without knowing that ADS-B data was available for that part of the flight.

Once this document was published, the former Qantas pilot revealed the actual flight path, the active flight plan and the times along the flight path. A comparison of the predicted flight path following the WSPRnet data and the actual flight path has been added to an updated version of the report and is available for download here.