The Search for MH370

Serving the MH370 Global Community

Richard gave a 15 minute video presentation on the MH370 Flight Path Analysis at the request of the MH370 next of kin for their MH370 6th Remembrance Event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 7th March 2020. The video was also seen by the then Malaysian Minister of Transport, Anthony Loke and represents credible new evidence in the search for MH370. Richard shared the results of the MH370 Flight Path Analysis with the Ocean Infinity experts, whose technology for underwater searches is ever advancing. Despite the changing political scene in Malaysia, Richard appealed to the Malaysian Government to consider the latest MH370 Flight Path analysis and findings and resume the search for MH370 with Ocean Infinity. Anthony Loke promised to pass on the information to his successor.

The video can be viewed here